Aligned Elements Automation Tool

Display a Chart

Aligned Elements can display breakdown charts on a selected set of Document Objects.

In Aligned Element you can add Charts, modify, copy, rename and delete them. A chart essentially consists of:

  • an input set of Document Objects

  • a number of chart properties

These two in combination yield a Chart to be displayed. Chart can be performed on current Document Objects in the master project and the linked projects.

Objects from snapshots or of older revisions cannot be included in a Chart.

How to display a Chart

In the Navigation Bar entry Charts, select the type name for the Chart. In the next view, the left side will display a list of available charts of the type name.

Selecting a chart name will display the chart definition of the chart on the right side.

To display the actual chart, click Run.

In the displayed chart, click on a chart section (a bar, slice or column) to display all Document Objects of the section in a list below the Chart.

Export a Chart

Select a Chart and click Export to export the Chart definition to an xml file. The xml can be used to import the chart in other Projects.

The exported file contains the definition of the chart, not the items in the input set or the chart image.

Import a Chart

Click Import to select an exported Chart xml definition file and import it. If necessary, adapt the Chart input set after the import is completed.