Aligned Elements Automation Tool

List View

A Document Objects in a Chapter can be displayed in a List View. This tabular form lists the Document Objects together with their attributes. The Filter, Search and Sort options helps you work with the set.

Sorting is done by clicking on the sorting glyphs next to the column caption.

Search Filter

Click on the Search Filter caption to narrow down the displayed Document Object set according to your selected filter criteria. Use the dropdown and the Plus button to add filter criteria and set the value for each criterion. The filter criteria are applied using an AND mechanism.

The search filter settings are stored and applied again the next time you display a list for the given Design Control type.

Display additional columns

Use the Display additional columns dropdown to select which attributes and data to display for each Document Object in the table.

Load Max Items

Use the Load Max Items option to limit the number of items to be fetched from the database. This option is particularly useful when loading items from external systems that might suffer from limited performance.

Load From Start / End

Use the Load From option to specify if items shall be loaded from the start or end of the list of available items. This option is particularly useful when loading items from extremely large sets from external systems.

Paging Options

Use the Paging Options to specify the number of items to display on the current page and to navigate to other pages in the list.

Actions in the List View

The Actions button supports the following operations

  • Add Document Object

  • Modify Multiple Items

  • Display Inconsistencies

  • Display Consistency Coverage

  • Display Charts

  • Set Snapshots

  • Add Tags

  • Lock Document Objects

  • Generate Word Report

  • Generate Template based Word Report

  • Generate Excel Report

  • Export Document Objects

Inline Editing of Document Objects in the List

To activate Edit mode, click the Edit button. This will display edit controls for the attributes currently selected in the Display additional columns-dropdown and lock the currently listed Document Objects for editing.

Use the edit controls to edit the attributes of the Document Objects listed. When completed, click Save to save your changes. A Gap Form will displayed. Enter a change comment that will be used for all modified Document Objects.