Aligned Elements Automation Tool

Save Files to Disk

Save Files to Disk

Use this action in the Action dropdown or Ellipsis menu to save files in File Attributes in e.g. Attachments or Files to your hard drive.

Select the items to save and then, optionally, select to save the files in their chapter structure. This means that chapters are converted to directories and files in the chapter are saved in that directory.

When this option is not selected, the files are saved in a flat list.

The downloaded result file is a zip file containing all the selected documents.

Note! If several files have the same name and are saved in the same directory, the file name is prepended with the parent Document Object ID.

Save Files as PDF

This option is similar to Save File To Disk but here all files are converted to PDF (to the extent the Aligned Elements PDF converter can convert the file type).

Since the PDF conversion occurs on demand, this action make take a minute or two.

The quality of the resulting PDFs depends on the configured PDF converter's ability to convert the original file to PDF.