Aligned Elements Automation Tool

Project Information

The Project Information is a place to document project specific information.

The Project Information can displayed in a Dashboard Widget.

Examples of such information are:

  • A description of the product being documented

  • Intended Use for the product

  • Project Leader / Coordinator / Responsible

  • Conventions used for documenting the product in Aligned Elements

  • Important decisions taken having an impact on the project documentation conventions

This information is displayed on the application background when no tab pages are displayed. Project Information changes are tracked in the audit trail. The project information can be inserted in Word files and is also part of snapshots when using the Snapshot on All function.

How to modify the Project Information

In the Navigation Bar, select Settings => Project Information to open the Project Information form. Edit the Project Information and save it by clicking Save.

The Project Information is stored and managed like a regular Document Object. However, it is not possible to add several items of this type, to copy it or to trace to and from it.