Aligned Elements Automation Tool

Lock Document Objects

To prevent users for updating a selected Document Object set at a certain stage, Users with Project Management rights can Lock them, meaning that they are locked for attribute editing.

The Lock mechanism is available in the Action menu of several views and explores.

When applying a Lock, the system requires a reason to be given., i.e. the purpose for which you chose to lock these Document Objects. The reason is displayed to users that attempts to edit the Locked Document Object. Information about the time of the lock and the user who conducted the lock is also displayed.

How to lock Document Objects

In the Action menu, select Lock Document Objects. Select the Document Objects to lock.

Then click OK to confirm the selection to get prompted with the Lock Document Objects dialog.

Enter the reason for the locking in the text box and click OK to complete the lock operation.

The Document Objects can only be unlocked by users with Project Management rights using the Settings -> Unlock Document Objects mechanism.

Note! The Lock mechanism has no effect on trace-settings.