Aligned Elements Automation Tool

Compare Snapshots

Sometimes it is interesting to find out what the difference between two project states i.e. between two snapshots or between a snapshot and the current project state. This comparison can be displayed from the Navigation Bar Snapshots -> Compare Snapshots/Project.

Select either:

  • Two snapshots to compare or

  • One snapshot to compare to the current project state

Select if you want to include chapters in the comparison or not:

  • If you select to compare chapters and document objects results in displaying the document objects within their chapter structure. Document object that have been moved are only displayed in the most recent chapter.

  • If you select to display document objects only, you may compare revisions of the document objects regardless of their location in the chapter structure.

To display the comparison, click OK.

A comparison view is displayed where you may click on the looking class button Display Changes, to see the detail comparison between two document objects.

The doubled arrow Traces Changed icon indicates that traces have been modified for the Document Object between the two snapshot times.

The exclamation mark Changed icon indicates that the content or location of two chapters has changed.