Aligned Elements Automation Tool

Create a Snapshot

A snapshot is a selected set of document objects in their current revision. A snapshot is used to unambiguously identify the state of the project e.g. at a project milestone or at a product release or as input for a review.

You can create a snapshot of the project or parts of the project at any time.

To create a snapshot, navigate to a chapter (i.e. via the Project Explorer) and select Set Snapshot from the drop down menu for the chapter. This will display a view where you may select what document objects and chapters that shall be included in your snapshot.

To create a snapshot of the complete project (including issues and reviews), select Snapshots -> Set Snapshot on All in the Navigation bar.

For failure mode like objects, the user is inquired if the corresponding hazards shall be included in the snapshot. Since failure modes and hazards are conceptually closely linked, we recommend this option.