Conduct a Design Review

Aligned Elements offers a structured approach to conduct reviews of document objects. A Review document object works like any other document object in Aligned Elements and operates via a combination of attributes and traces.

A document object is considered as reviewed if the revision of the document object is part of an open or a close

Three important set of document objects are involved in a Review:

  • First there is the Review itself (which is a document object) acting as main container of the review process.

  • The second set is the Document Objects Under Review i.e. the document objects that we are reviewing which essentially are defined by one or more snapshot. The review uses snapshots in order to define the start state of the document objects to be reviewed.

  • The third set contains the Issues generated by the review process. These issues are meant to sum up the tasks that have been completed before the Review is successfully closed.

How to create a Review

Create a new Review from the Chapter View or the List View.

From a convenience perspective, it is easier to work with Reviews in full view mode.

  1. In the Document Object Form, add a Review description (usually stating the reason and success criteria for the reviews).

  2. Set a Due Date to define the Review is planned to be completed.

  3. Assign the Review participants as well as their roles.

  4. Define the Document Objects Under Review by adding one or more Snapshots.

At this point, the Review is ready to be started. The participants can now access the Review and add findings by adding Issues to the Review and optionally associate these with the Document Objects under Review using the dropdown in the Issue column.

Optionally, the inconsistencies can be displayed as Review input.

Once a participant has completed his tasks, he/she clicks I performed the Review which indicates this fact in the Review Date column of the Assigned User table.

It is then up to the Review participants to discuss the findings and agree on making any corresponding changes to the Document Objects, based on the Issues listed in the Review.

Once all findings have been dealt with, the user closes the Review by setting the Review Status to Closed. As a consequence of this action, a snapshot is automatically set on all Document Objects associated with the Review. This snapshot can later be compared with the snapshots used in the beginning to define the Document Objects under Review, which will then highlight the changes made to the Document Objects under Review during the duration of the Review.