Aligned Elements Automation Tool

Run a Trace Table

A Trace Table is a table where the traceability between Document Objects is depicted as table row, showing the trace chain from left to right. In Aligned Element you can create, run, modify, copy, rename and delete Trace Tables.

The Trace table essentially consists of three parts:

  • an input set of document objects

  • a number of column definitions defining the trace chains

  • the output view, running the input set through the column trace chain definitions

Trace Tables can be performed on current Document Objects in the master project (when using the From Database, Query or Custom input set) and the linked projects (when using the Query input set). Document Objects from snapshots or of older revisions cannot be included in a Trace Table.

How to run a Trace Table

In the Navigation bar entry Trace Tables, select the type name that represent the first column of your Trace Table (the trace root type). In the next view, select any existing Trace Table of that type. This will display a summary of the table definition in the detail box to the right.

To run the selected trace table, click Run. You will be asked to choose the applicable input set:

  • From Database, all available document objects of the selected type

  • From Query, all document objects returned as result when running an existing query

  • Custom, the user may select which individual document objects that should be analysed

After selecting the input set, the trace table will be loaded with trace information. You can navigate between all entries using the pagination on the top right of the table.

The Document Object IDs are displayed as hyperlinks. Click on an ID to open the Document Object in the Document Object form or hover on the ID to see a preview of the Document Object.

To edit the currently selected trace table click on the Edit button.

To delete the currently selected trace table click on the Delete button.

Export a Trace Table Definition

Select a Trace Table and click Export to export the Trace Table definition to an xml file. The xml can be used to import the Trace Table in other Projects.

The exported file contains the definition of the Trace Table, not the items in the input set or the result of the Trace Table.

Import a Trace Table Definition

Click Import to select an exported Trace Table xml definition file and import it. If necessary, adapt the Trace Table input set after the import is completed.

Save a Trace Table Definition as Word Template

Click on the Save as Template button to save the currently selected Trace Table definition as a Word Trace Table Template to be used in the Word Add-in.