Aligned Elements Automation Tool

Design a Query

How to Design a Query

Use the Add button to create a new Query or the Edit button to edit the selected Query.

This will display the Query Designer.

Query Name

The name of the Query. Select a name that describes what the Query does.


Use the Add Filter dropdown to add new filters. Use the Minus button next to the filter to remove a filter.

See the Filters section for details about the available filters.

Displayed Attributes

Use the Displayed Attributes dropdown to select the attributes be displayed in the Output grid. A separate column is created for each attribute.

Input Set

Select if you want to use a Static or Dynamic Input Set.

The difference can be explained as follows:

  • A Static Input Set consists of a defined number of document objects. If a Document Object becomes disabled, it is automatically removed from the input set. If a Document Object in the input set is modified, the input set is updated to include the new revision of the object. However, if a Document Object created/added, it is NOT automatically added to the input set. The user has to explicitly add it to the input set using drag-and-drop.

  • A Dynamic Input Set consists of a defined number of chapters (and optionally their sub chapters) and implicitly of all Document Objects in those chapters. The set is updated for disabled and modified Document Objects just as for Static Input Sets. The big difference is that a Dynamic Input Set automatically includes Document Objects that have been created/added or moved to its chapter set.

How to delete a Query

Click on the Delete button to delete the Query.

A deleted Query cannot be restored.