Aligned Elements Automation Tool

Select a Dashboard

In Aligned Elements, Dashboards are used to provide at-a-glance views of project information, statistics and due items to process by the user. The Dashboards can be customized to accommodate to the needs of different Aligned Elements e.g.

  • A Project Manager's Dashboard can display the current state of key performance indicators

  • A Test Managers Dashboard can display current state and expected progress on active Test Runs

  • A customized user Dashboard can display the users open tasks and assigned items

  • A Welcome Dashboard can display general information on about the project itself

The Dashboard is displayed in the "welcome-screen" when the user opens a project. A project can contain several Dashboards. The user can select which Dashboard to be displayed. If no Dashboards have been added to the project, a default Dashboard is displayed.

How to select a Dashboard

Click on the Edit button below the Dashboard, to display the Display Dashboard dialog. Select a Dashboard from the dropdown. Click OK to confirm.

It is possible to display <none> which will display no Dashboard.

How to update the data in a Dashboard

Each Widget contains a Refresh icon in the upper right corner. Click on the Refresh icon to update the date in the Widget.