Aligned Elements Automation Tool

Add Tags

Tags provide an alternative way to organize your Document Objects. Once a Document Object is tagged with a tag name, you can filter and search for objects with that particular tag name.

For example, if you want to clearly distinguish which Document Objects that are new for version 1.2 of your product vis-à-vis the Document Objects that are new for version 2.0, you simple tag the Document Object sets with the tag name "new in version 1.2" and "new in version 2.0" respectively.

A Document Object can belong to any number of tags and a tag be used on any number of Document Objects.

Add Tags to a set of Document Objects

In the Chapter View, Document Objects can be assigned with Tags. Use the Action button to select the drop-down menu Add Tag.

Select the document objects to tagged in the selection tree. Then either create a new Tag or assign the Document Objects to an existing Tag.

A Tag is identified by a Name and an optional Description (an optional text explaining the purpose of the Tag).

Tags can contain Document Objects of several type names. Tags can also contain Document Objects from linked projects.