Aligned Elements Automation Tool

The Project Start Site

The Aligned Elements Web Client application consists of four views:

  • the Top Bar

  • the Navigation Bar

  • the Main View

  • the Status Bar

The Top Bar

The Top bar displays the Search Box, Messages, the Favourites and the Current User options.

The Search Box is used to search for a text in all Document Objects and Chapter titles. The search can be refined be selecting Document Object types using the Funnel icon. Selecting Document Object types will restrict the search to items of these types.

Use (double) quotes to define combined notions i.e. if you look for all document objects containing the word Use Case, then enter “use case” (with quotes) in the search field instead of use case (without quotes). The latter will look for the occasions of the word ‘use’ and the word ‘case’ individually.

You may also search for document objects based on their IDs, e.g. RQ 4. The result will include document object RQ 4 but also return any textual references.

The search applies to String, Rich Text, Table attributes, chapter names, content of files and Document Object IDs. It is for example not possible to search for an integer (e.g. Priority or Severity) with this method.

The search function is case-insensitive but does search for exact matches. Thus, if you enter “empt”, it will not find objects containing the word “empty”. You can apply the asterisk (*) to search for word stems. In the example above, “empt*” would find objects containing the word “empty”.

The default search retrieves currently enabled document objects but you may also include currently disabled objects using the additional Include Disabled checkbox in the Funnel drop down.

If Linked Projects are present in the context, you will be prompted to select the project in which the search shall take place.

Available actions in the Search Result View include:

  • Generate Multiple...

  • Display Inconsistencies

  • Display Consistency Coverage

  • Display Chart

  • Set Snapshot

  • Generate Word Report

  • Generate Template Based Word Report

  • Generate Excel Report

  • Export Document Objects


As you work with Aligned Elements, the system will report back the result of the actions conducted. These System Messages are also collected in a list that can be inspected by clicking on the Messages button in the top bar.

The Filter in the Message View can be applied to expand or narrow down the types of messages displayed.


The Favourites drop down displays the Document Object currently marked as Favourites for the current user. More information in the Favourite section.

Current User Options

Manage User

Use the Manage User option do change your web password or manage your external Logins.

Log Out

Click Log out to sign out of the project.

The Navigation Bar

The Navigation Bar displays the main actions Aligned Elements. These includes:

  • Dashboards

  • Project Explorer

  • Trace Explorer

  • Test Run Explorer

  • Project Status

  • Your Assigned Items

  • Queries

  • Charts

  • Trace Tables

  • Project History

  • Snapshots

  • Settings

  • Change Project

The Navigation Bar can be collapsed and expanded by clicking on the hamburger icon.

The Main View

When opening the project, the Main View area displays a Dashboard. When selecting an action in the Navigation Bar, the Main View will display the artefacts of that function.

The Status Bar

The Status Bar at the bottom of the browser page, displays the name of the project and the version number of the Aligned Elements Web Client.